Ambient lighting for a dream rooftop

For several years now, we have noticed that having a “rooftop” terrace is more and more trendy. Indeed, this is a trendy new layout that has established itself in townhouses, condos as well as in residences both in town and in the suburbs.

At Oasis, we recognize the full potential that such a terrace can offer to a residence. A rooftop terrace gives ample opportunity to have a good time outdoors and to host evenings with friends in an attractive environment. Such a well-appointed place allows you to gain a pleasant living space and will undoubtedly give your residence a significant value.

Adequate and harmonious exterior lighting

A rooftop terrace is an undeniable asset to any residence, but this asset is conditional on adequate lighting adjusted to your living space so that you can spend your evenings there and enjoy it.

A rooftop terrace must be lit with expertise and elegance, otherwise it becomes unnecessary in the evening. At Oasis, we design outdoor lighting systems that are personalized to your living space. In recent years, we have had the opportunity to create various custom lighting for rooftop spaces according to the needs and preferences of our customers.

Appropriate outdoor lighting not only accentuates the beauty of the place at night, but also creates a whole different view of the place. Each type of lighting creates a unique effect and performs a specific function.

Subtle lighting

This type of lighting creates balanced and cohesive light throughout your patio. To do this, we arrange different types of direct and indirect lights that will allow you to enjoy a functional and friendly place.

Ambient lighting

To create a relaxed atmosphere, ambient lighting is perfect. It is indirect and diffused lighting promoting a relaxing ambience.

Decorative lighting

This type of lighting aims to enhance spaces, objects or specific areas of your terrace. If you want to highlight a particular aspect, be it architectural, a painting, a work, a texture, etc. Such lighting gives you a thousand and one possibilities to create a scenic environment.

Accent lighting

Accent lighting makes it possible to highlight a sculpture or a brick wall, for example. It also allows you to create a reading or working space on your terrace.

Highlight an element of your roof terrace

You have a work of art that you adore or that object that has special meaning. Stand out with a special light that catches the eye. This trick will do the same to highlight both objects and plants or why not, a different material, such as a brick wall, or a beautiful mural wall painting.

Roof lighting; constraints and possibilities

Generally, in Quebec, some municipalities prohibit having fixed lighting on the roof of a property. That’s why we use our techniques, experience and creativity to bring you lighting designed to meet all regulations.

With our know-how, we design lighting installed on removable elements such as pots, planters, furniture and garden accessories.

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