Outdoor entertainment built into your landscaping

Televisions designed for the outdoors, weather resistant

Invite family and friends, the evening promises to be exciting

We know that summer in Quebec is short-lived. It is therefore normal that we want to make the most of it. A good baseball game, a final in tennis, Sunday football or even the enjoyment of watching a good movie in the late evening: we are forced us to go indoors rather than remain outdoors and enjoy the summer weather. We would like to bring the TV outside but it is sometimes complicated and it is not made for that.

« Follow your favorite team game while having fun in the pool »


A Sunbrite TV set designed for outdoor use.

There is now a TV that is designed exactly for the outdoors. All SunBrite TVs are brighter than indoor TVs (up to 30%). They resist weather and external elements such as rain, snow, extreme temperatures, dust, etc …

“Invite your friends to come watch the match with a scrumptious BBQ!”

SunBrite TVs offer a superior 4K UHD display with direct LED backlighting to provide a stunning and vivid picture in outdoor environments.
Television is made of materials such as stainless steel and galvanized metal that resist the corrosive effects of moisture and water. The bidirectional built-in TV speakers are sealed against rain, snow and moisture.

SunBrite TV is the only TV on the market that has been tested for durability and designed for outdoor use only.

Sunbrite TV is also made for winter

Since Sunbrite TVs can withstand temperatures as low as -30 degrees Celsius, why not take a break in your Nordic spa with a romantic movie.

“Watching a film comfortably installed in a spa, a drink in your hand”

It is possible to enjoy its outdoor TV in all seasons. Many people do not want to go to Nordic spas because they find these not always aesthetic or too far from home. Enjoy all the benefits of a spa at home while having fun, listening to music or a good movie.

An audio system for your backyard, pool, patio, etc.

What’s better than relaxing in your garden, near the patio or pool? Listen to your favorite music and enjoy a beautiful deep and complete stereo sound.

TruAudio is a great innovator in outdoor and architectural audio systems.

At the cutting edge of technology, TruAudio designs high-end, high-quality speakers. With a long track record of integrating electronic products into thousands of homes across the United States, TruAudio has acquired knowledge and expertise in audio systems and understands the needs and expectations of its customers.

Oasis uses only the best quality products to create an atmosphere of outdoor living for its customers and TruAudio is a recognized and proven company, with speakers made of ultra-resistant materials able to offer a superior audio experience. TruAudio loudspeakers are the reference when it comes to outdoor audio systems in Quebec. These materials include a blend of carbon fiber, titanium, aluminum and polypropylene. Each speaker, after its design, is tested individually to ensure that it meets the sound standards to perfection.

In addition, TruAudio loudspeakers have superior warranties, making them the most popular choice when it comes to choosing a quality audio system designed to blend with the landscape and outdoor decor.