Outdoor architectural lighting, the art of bringing out the beauty of the night

Architectural lighting: staging buildings and architecture

By illuminating your home, we are able to embellish and add value to it. The architecture of your residence as well as the highlights of your landscaping such as your trees, sculptures, fountains will take on a totally different scope and perspective at night.

Architectural lighting will give you moments of priceless enhancements.

When preparing your home for the installation of your architectural lighting, Oasis landscape and architectural lighting assumes responsibility for the design and concept of your project while respecting your opinion. We make an evening visit to see what is best to highlight. Subsequently, the installation is done during the day. If necessary, the technician in charge of the installation will return in the evening for final adjustments.

Give life to facades and outdoor spaces

Outdoor architectural lighting brings facades and outdoor spaces to life. Outdoor lighting can transform the way you see and understand a building, sculpture or other architectural elements. It is fascinating to realize how the exterior lights can be integrated into a building and its surrounding elements. By understanding the scene between light and darkness, an outdoor lighting design specialist can use contrast and shadows to create inspiring and intriguing spaces.

When considering the lighting of a property, the primary purpose of the design must be established from the outset. For example, do you want to identify key features, add relief to surfaces that don’t normally stand out, or simply create a well-lit entrance?

We can both highlight the architectural characteristics of a building and draw attention to plantations and trees. We first identify the outdoor spaces you want to use, then we find solutions for each section of your property. We take into account all types of fixtures when developing the lighting plan. In addition, we always consider the safety aspect as well as the maintenance of the products installed.

The three types of architectural outdoor lighting

Confined Lighting

Confined lighting is used for specific locations and for specific activities, such as reading, for example, where higher-intensity light is required for a smaller space. It is important to start with assigned lighting to illuminate the passageways and entrances. This type of outdoor lighting can also be achieved using path lights or outdoor step lights.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting aims to illuminate a place in its entirety. These are usually outdoor inserted fixtures or path lights. The ambient lighting is also known as general lighting, which emits a comfortable level of brightness without glare and allows you to see and walk safely.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting adds importance to an outdoor space by creating visual interest. For this type of lighting, we take the time to design and create lighting to bring out particular features. We can highlight trees, planting areas and architectural details. Up lighting can be used to create emphasis with a higher structure or tree for example.

Take a glimpse this page to learn more about the different types of fixtures we use.

Architectural lighting, enhances the value to your property

The appearance and emotional impact that architectural lighting can have is undeniable. The outdoor lighting system, using LED, brings out the beauty and enhances certain aspects of your home or details of your property. It is important to consider the amplitude, positioning and lighting choices for an architectural structure. Outdoor Fixtures have to be installed solidly & discretely to look admirable during the day and offer an optimal effect at night, without compromising their durability.

To create harmonious and unrivalled architectural lighting, we appropriately use shades of light, colour and intensity. We use all exterior projector models, which allows us to create high quality lighting systems for all projects. The benefits of LED lamps for outdoor architectural lighting LED light bulbs (energy-efficient light bulbs) offer optimal lifespan and unparalleled value for your money. Not only LED lights energy efficient, but they also create multiple moods. Also, because of their small size, it is easier to camouflage the projectors and hide the origin of the light.

Lighting from dusk to dawn

These lighting systems are equipped with astronomical timers that allow the system to be triggered automatically with sunset and sunrise. This is an easy way to ensure that your outdoor lighting is only lit when needed.

The advantages of LED lamps for outdoor architectural lighting

LED technology bulbs (energy efficient lighting) offer an optimal lifespan and an attractive price-performance ratio. It is recognized that LED lights are energy efficient, but they also create multiple atmospheres. Also, because of their reduced size, it is easier to camouflage the spotlights and to hide the source of the light.