Landscape Lighting for your property

The splendor and beauty of authentic landscape lighting

Imagine adding depth to your property by illuminating previously hidden trees, creating shadows on the green-leafed branches; imagine taking a walk along the fully lit trail and gazing at your garden… that you never thought you’d see transformed like this! Creating your dream Oasis, no matter how big, is now possible.

Here are a few good reasons to use an Oasis Outdoor Lighting System:

Often, when people plan to landscape their property, landscape lighting is not taken into consideration. Yet, when done by professionals, landscape lighting can bring a lot of added value to the property and many pragmatic and visual benefits.

When people think of illuminating outdoor spaces, most think only of illuminating the outside for purely utilitarian purposes. One of the most underrated things about landscape lighting is, that good lighting can help enlarge and enhance outdoor living spaces.

Landscape lighting… Great number of possibilities and advantages

Exceed the boundaries of your property

In our Achievements section, you will see perspective effects that are accentuated when lighting a corner or a darker location further away from the property. These light effects give the impression of moving the boundaries away from your property. The more light is accentuated, the wider your field of view will be.

Provide a pleasant living space during summer evenings

Outdoor lighting is particularly pleasant in the evening when you want to entertain a good time outdoors. It allows you to enjoy your courtyard or terrace, making your home’s exterior as warm and enticing as its interior.

Lighting well thought-out and well-installed layout by Oasis

Staff members of ‘Oasis’ design and installation team have both artistic and technical expertise in the field of lighting. They master all the elements that govern landscaping and architectural projects. Whether it’s: the execution of an architectural or development project, the consideration of the night environment or the choice of lighting fixtures, guarantee to offer you a top-quality project. Finally, an outdoor lighting designed and installed by Oasis assures you that only durable materials and good quality product will be used for your project.


Oasis lighting works renowned among experts

Oasis’s dedication to creativity in lighting is recognized by the big leaders in the landscape industry

A few of our achievements have been featured in catalogs including, Techo Bloc & Dauer Landscape Lighting.


Video of an installation of a lighting system


Here is a short video when preparing your land for the installation of your landscape lighting. We first do an evening tour to see what is best to highlight. Thereafter, the installation is done during the day.

Quality and personalized landscape lighting

Oasis Irrigation creates and adapts landscape lighting systems in order to add serenity, security, beauty and value to your property. Your landscape lighting system will be tailored according to your needs and budget. To offer the best variety of quality products, we only use products from renowned brands in the industry.

Diamond Member Kichler Light Pro

certificat Éclairage architectural kichker lightProOasis Irrigation has received for the 2013 Diamond Elite mention for their work and for their dedication in the design and installation of landscape lighting quality.

What is LED lighting?

The LED (light emitting diode lamp) is an electronic component, which flows through an electric current which uses light emitting diodes, will diffuse light. Its arrival on the market created a great advance in the world of lighting, since previously there were only means of lighting based on filaments (incandescence, halogen), or electric arcs (fluorescence, etc.).

The advantages of LED lamps for landscape lighting

Energy efficient & lasts longer hours

The lifespan of LED lamps is much longer than that of other lamps. Some LED bulbs have lifetimes of up to 40,000 hours (i.e. several decades of use), compared to 1,000 hours for incandescent bulbs. Thus, the replacement of an LED lamp is less frequent, which improves the profitability of the investment. What you should know is that an LED light uses very little energy to operate.

Maximum lighting

Lighting is immediate and the optimal level of brightness is obtained upon ignition. LED lamps immediately emit the desired luminous flux, without waiting like halogen lights, we have the desired lighting immediately, when seeking or searching specific areas.

Compact lamps, less heat and resistant

LEDs work in “very low voltage” and in low temperatures which can be a plus for security linked to the electricity of the house. LEDs heat less than incandescent bulbs and compact fluorescent lamps. With a temperature of only 32 ° C, LED lamps are much cooler than compact fluorescent lamps (70 ° C) than incandescent lamps (150 ° C). They are small and resistant to shocks, which also makes them more resistant than other lighting systems.