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Maintenance program for your lighting system

Designed and installed by Oasis or another company

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At Oasis, our goal is to enhance the beauty and unique features of your home with the magic of a carefully crafted lighting design created specifically for your property. Our design team, working closely with you to ensure your tastes and preferences are reflected, will devise a lighting plan to accentuate your outdoor living spaces and create an effect that is both harmonious and visually stunning.

As with most other household systems or pieces of equipment, outdoor lighting may require maintenance from time to time. Oasis offers repair & maintenance services including other companies installations to deal with problems with existing outdoor lighting systems as well as consultations to discuss options on how to redesign or revamp these systems to enhance and maximise their effect. Upgrade the performance and aesthetic appeal, modernise non-LED bulbs with eco-friendly and energy saving LED technology specifically branded for the landscape & architectural lighting.


« Defining the image » of Landscape & Architectural Lighting

Landscape & Architectural Lighting is an ART, it’s about creating a vision for your nighttime outdoor environment, it is not just about installing fixures. What differentiates Oasis from other contractors is our ability to study the unique features of your property with its different elevations and structures, imagine a portrait which blends these varied elements together, and create a result which Designs the Night.


Wall Lighting

Used to illuminate either a wall or surface creating a soft wash of light.

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Moon lighting

The art of architectural lighting creating the moons effect. Fixtures are placed on branches of trees using the leaves shadow to create the soft light.


Path lighting

Enhance your entrance lighting up your flower beds, shrubbery, while creating a safe walkway.


Silhouette Lighting

A shadow of a back wall by using a fixture to create a dramatic silhouette of a tree or sculpture.


Terrace & Deck Lighting

Used for accent lighting and /or surface lighting mounted in a deck or above a step.


Step lighting

Most used in either masonry or wood construction. These fixtures are designed to safely illuminate either stairs or walkways.

lights-to-the-top oasis Landscape

Up lighting

Creating a focal point in the landscape, up lighting illuminates an object from the bottom up, either with an in ground or above ground fixture highlighting an art.


Underwater Lighting

Creating remarkable effects with light in a pond, or a sculpture, bringing out true colors in the night.


Grazing lighting

Highlight a textured surface such as a sculpture or stone wall, bringing out the height and color creating a feature.


Strip lighting

Accentuate the features of your gallery or terrace with lighting, designed to fit under any hardscape bringing out the warm colors, enhancing the outdoor living.