Landscape and architectural lighting

The splendor and beauty of an authentic landscape lighting

Imagine, searching for the moonlight, while sipping away a glass of full body wine, admiring the beauty of the plant softly lit up, bringing out its true colours, or seeking the depth of your property with fixtures lighting up trees, never imaginable, creating shadows on branches, bringing out the true green on the leaves… taking a stroll down the overwhelmed lit pathway, praising your garden… never thinking you have created your own Oasis.

Here are a few good reasons for using Oasis Landscape lighting systems:

  • Enhancing the value of your property.
  • Adapting systems to your needs and budget.
  • Installing products to the highest standards and quality in the industry.
  • Creating breathtaking, splendid scenes to your residence and/or landscape.

Architectural lighting, the art of bringing out the beauties of the night

What is architectural lighting? It is all about designing a lighting system to enhance the features of your residence and the other unique structures on your property, typically with LED lighting, to create a nighttime oasis that you will enjoy for years to come.

Architectural lighting will give you moments of priceless beauty.

When preparing properties for Architectural and landscape lighting, the professionals at Oasis assume the responsibilities to assure the concept and design are met to the requirements of the client. Visits are made during the evening to feel the grounds & its surroundings. The technicians run tests at night and execute the installation during the day.


Quality and personalized landscape lighting

Oasis Irrigation creates and adapts landscape lighting systems in order to add serenity, security, beauty and value to your property. Your landscape lighting system will be tailored according to your needs and budget. To offer the best variety of quality products, we only use products from renowned brands in the industry.

Architectural Lighting, Value to Your Property

Architectural lighting: the appearance and emotional impact of architectural lighting is to create lighting systems, bringing out the beauty and certain aspects enhancing the features of your residence and/or sculpture either with halogen or led lighting.

Oasis’s dedication to creativity in lighting is recognized
by the big leaders in the landscape industry

A few of our achievements have been featured in catalogs including, Techo Bloc & Dauer Landscape Lighting.

Diamond Member Kichler Light Pro

Oasis Irrigation has received for the 2013 Diamond Elite mention for their work and for their dedication in the design and installation of landscape lighting quality.


Video of an installation of a lighting system