Automatic sprinkler system

Discreet and professional automatic irrigation systems

It’s the month of April and you’ve experienced a long cold never ending winter wishing the April showers bring in the May flowers. Designing & planning your Oasis to your property, the ideas are endless. From annuals to perennials, shrubs to trees, the number of plants is countless, knowing summer is around the corner. You’ve conceived your plan ready to proceed, but how about watering? Big or small, detailed or elaborate… you may have no time to water, vacation period, or simply the hours suggested by your municipality for watering, are insufficient? Oasis Irrigation is your solution!

Installation and maintenance of irrigation systems

At Oasis we take the time to listen to you and your requirements. Whether you have an architectural plan or simply just ideas, we can work closely with you to ensure your tastes and preferences are reflected. Our team of technicians that install irrigation systems, are certified (Association Irrigation Québec). Each property is treated with respect, as if it were ours. Oasis Irrigation and Landscape Lighting install systems (sprinklers) in a discreet and professional way focusing on the final result.

With 20 years in the industry and over 3000 systems installed, we can make your dream project a reality! We take the time to listen to you….. The client. Whether you have a plan or simply ideas, we walk the grounds together gathering & exchanging ideas.

Advantages of an automatic sprinkler system with Oasis

  • Here are a few good reasons for using Oasis Irrigation systems:
  • Saving and managing water usage (respect the environment with a rain sensor).
  • Consistency in watering for a healthy lawn & plants.
  • Watering automatically while on holidays.
  • Precision and control where watering is needed.

Oasis Irrigation and Landscape Lighting Is a member of the Association des Professionnels en Irrigation du Québec.


Video of an installation of an irrigation system
Video of a demonstration of a watering system on a golf field



Irrigation of a residential properties

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Residential plantation irrigation

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Irrigation of a golf field

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Irrigation of municipal land