Light up your world with beautiful color possibilities!

FX Luminaire, perfect control of your landscape lighting system

The Luxor ZDC control system combines all the features of a Luxor ZD plus the ability to control up to 30,000 colors using RGBW technology. For unique looks throughout the year, adjust color temperatures to complement vegetation and architecture. RGBW technology provides elegant colors for spectacular effects.

  • Zoning:
    Zoning allows lights to be programmed into preset groups.
  • Dimming:
    Dimming allows lights to emit any desired illumination percentage.
  • Color:
    Choose from a spectrum of 30,000 vibrant possibilities.

Luxor combines zoning, dimming, and color capabilities that provide virtually unlimited potential for creative lighting designs. By incorporating Luxor accessories, you gain total control of outdoor living spaces.

Versatile, affordable and easy-to-use landscape lighting system

When Luxor ZD controls an LED landscape lighting system, lights don’t simply turn on and off. They come alive. Luxor offers both zoning and dimming capabilities that provide virtually limitless design possibilities. Zoning allows lights to be programmed into preset themes, which can be activated for special occasions such as parties, or activities such as barbequing. Dimming allows lights to automatically emit any desired dimming percentage anytime, anywhere within a system. For example, Group 1 can be set to 100% illumination at 7:00 p.m., and automatically dim to 60% at 9:00 p.m. Groups 2 and 3 can be set to their own percentages and adjusted throughout the night as lighting needs change for those areas. Luxor’s proprietary ZD Technology® makes it the most versatile, affordable, and easy-to-use zoning and dimming control system ever created. It’s the clear choice for the professional designer and the most discerning clients.