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Established and at your service since 1996, Oasis Irrigation and Landscape Lighting has more than 3,500 satisfied customers. We are proud to have contributed to improving the quality of life of our customers by imagining and by carrying out innovative and unique landscape and architectural lighting projects. For both private property and public spaces, we are constantly thriving to create new and sustainable living environments while using reliable and industry-recommended products.

We stand out for our creativity and expertise. We listen to our clients and our after-sales service is one of our strengths that sets us apart from the rest of the industry. Take a glimpse by clicking on the following link for our latest achievements.
We are also pioneers in the installation of automatic irrigation systems that are both discreet and professional, taking into account the needs and budget of each customer. You can learn more about the benefits of installing an irrigation system by Oasis.

We have a boutique located in La Prairie on the south shore of Montreal to serve and answer your questions. We have on site, a variety of parts necessary for the realization of your irrigation or lighting project. We also offer our services in the greater Montreal area, Laval and on the south shore of Montreal including the municipalities of Longueuil, Brossard, Saint-Hubert, Saint-Lambert, Boucherville, Beloeil, Sainte-Julie, Saint-Basile-le-Grand, Greenfield Park, Candiac, La Prairie, Saint-Bruno, Carignan, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Mont-Saint-Hilaire and all surrounding municipalities.


Landscape lighting

Adding landscape and architectural lighting to its exterior design is an investment that both increases the value and safety of your property, in addition to highlighting the beauty and uniqueness to be fully expressed at night. You will be enthralled the first time we turn on the switch on your newly lit outdoor environment and captivated by its elegance every night afterwards.


Architectural Lighting

The concept of landscape lighting goes beyond the simple installation of light fixtures. Architectural lighting encompasses a broad design of the space-to-light ratio causing an emotional impact. Our goal is to reconcile the existing beauty of the site with the unique characteristics of each property in order to create a harmonious environment using various and carefully designed lighting techniques.


Outdoor Living

While the concept of outdoor living means something different for each person, we are all looking for the same thing: enjoying the fresh air outdoors on a beautiful summer day. Whether it’s a pool or BBQ space to prepare a meal or a dining table to relax with guests, an outdoor living space cannot only bring hours of fun, but it’s also an extension of your home that embraces the outside. With proper lighting, this outdoor space will be accessible to you in the evening, giving a whole new dimension to the concept of “Outdoor Living”.



Residential Properties

We have met expectations of thousands of residential clients for automatic watering systems for lawns and gardens. We always install with the highest quality standards while respecting the needs and budget of our clients. Oasis Irrigation and Landscape Lighting aims to meet everyone’s needs, regardless of the size of the project.


Commercial Properties

Your company’s image is important, a beautiful lawn and garden are a necessity. Oasis Irrigation and Landscape Lighting is proud to be able to install a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) irrigation system for your landscaping. It is a guarantee of quality in terms of environmental protection. It’s our way of engaging to protect the environment.


Industrial Properties

Since the beginning of Oasis Irrigation and Landscape Lighting, we have several hundred installations of commercial and industrial sprinkler systems to our credit, of which only about 20 in public parks in the cities of Longueuil and La Prairie. We have the necessary equipment and experience to do these kinds of projects.



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